Sunday, March 28, 2010

My favorite kind of photography..

As I explained in the last post, I love Street Photography. Taking natural photos, capturing a moment that you can't repeat. Being able to do Documentary Photography is what I love and here are some photos from around a year ago that I took at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

A really nice blog post..

While at work doing some social networking for the store.. I found this beautiful blog post about a street person and their dog. I know for a fact that if i had the choice between being completely alone or having to share what little I had with a dog for company I would definitely do it if i could.
I generally really like street photography but yeah its always a fine line when taking photographs of anyone in public, particularly 'street people'. When I was in my last year of uni I did a photography series taking portraits of these people, mainly just of their hands but yeah I had to be very careful with doing it because of all of the history of misuse of the photography form in these kinds of situations.
The following two photographs were from that series, taken here in Halifax for an algorithm project, the only limitations of the project were that you had to follow a set of rules (made up by you) and take a series, I interpreted this as like the ultimate algorithmic photographs, Passport photos, which always end up looking like mug shots, which got me thinking about other mug shots, there is of course, like any art alot more to be said about them but i'll let you find that for yourself. These were my favorites.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Awhile ago I was blogging about going for a walk on Valentines Day and mentioned that I bought some things in an antique store and said I'd put up photos.. Its been awhile but here they are..

Venetian bookmarks

Dad in a previous life
Tower of london collector cards

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chin up m'girl, dont be looking down there..

I find myself looking to the ground alot when I'm walking.. I think this is due to a few reasons:-

1. I'm just coming out of a Canadian winter, looking to the ground is essential to make sure you're not about to slip on ice.

2. Alot of my artworks (and one I'm doing currently) involve finding random objects people have discarded, which are usually on the ground..

3. The wind tunnels in this city would make any person tuck their chin inside their coat..

4. To make sure i don't step in poo

Barrington st is THE downtown of Halifax, but the thing is that all of the shops along it have been closing, and it has a knock on effect, it had started when i was here last time and I don't really see and end to it as yet, I just really hope that freaks lunchbox and that awesome book store that has shelves made out of books don't succumb to what's happening around them.

So in these kinds of times i can definitely see why it could cause some to have thier chin down, but when i went for a walk recently along Barrington on a lovely day, I realized looking up, seeing all the beautiful architecture is one thing that Barrington st will never loose..

This is the wonderful bookshop

so sad to see this place close down

Looking up towards the citadel

The quote which is the title of this blog was said to me one day by a pan-handler..

Monday, March 22, 2010


Or Cupcake-keys for those who pronounciate more than the average bear.. These are all the treasures that my roomate and best friend Chanel brought back from EtotheNtotheGtotheLAND for me. Spoilt me rotten she did.. oh, plus she gave me a couple of pairs of shoes as well from Primark! One of the reasons that I absolutely can't wait to get back to the UK for is Primark :)

I LOVE this bracelet sooo much, but the elastic has snapped so it is now a necklace, which is still cool :)
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This is the yummiest lipgloss anyone ever tasted (yes that is including the raspberry one I wore for 3 years of high school and I still keep as a permanent fixture in my backpack) This one is not for sharing.. well maybe only if you ask nicely..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Edge of the earth

Edge of the earth photo from January 2008 (sorry about the dirty big copyright over it, I was a silly 20 year old myspace kid in those days..)
Edge of the earth, still untouched March 2010

A pleasant walk

I've had a great week as far as it goes with giving my camera a workout.. (which, if anyone knows how to get a shutter count on a Canon 30D please let me know coz I think that i might be coming up to it, but, touch wood, it hasn't showed any signs of aging right yet) and I'm really excited about some of the photos I've been taking.. But as the song goes, lets start at the very beginning.. a very good place to start..
Last sunday, walk through Point Pleasant Park with a new adventure buddy i've acquired, Cameron. These are pretty run of the mill photos but it was a lovely walk with great company, so here they are..
Shot with my wide angle 10-24mm Tamron lens
I loved this rusty tin can nailed to a board on the beach
Seagulls made to look old..
A random log and a window with a plant growing in it..
An inukshuk..
On the walk back, fun yellow house with a jet stream..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Exhibition of 2010

So I've been being pretty lazy with my art making as of late, so it's always good to have something to look forward to to put things together for, like an exhibition.. So here are some pics from an exhibition that opened on Sunday at the Trellis cafe that is by a group of NSCAD students (not that I'm there anymore, but I once was..) and Is mainly all wall work.. If you find yourself in Hubbards anytime up until the end of March you should definately stop in, or if you're in Halifax you should make the drive coz it's really pretty there and all the works are for sale, if you see anything of interest let me know and i'll get you in contact with the artists.

My work on display..

The following are my photos that I have on display, the versions where you can actually see them..