Saturday, April 24, 2010

etsy etc

Ok So, anyone who knows me well, knows this pattern. I have a cupcake dress made out of it and also a toiletries bag, and a backpack (which i'm looking forward to getting home to be able to use). Anyone who knows me also knows that I love accessories, art and (you should know this just by the url..) cupcakes and cameras.. So here are some of my favorite new finds on a wonderful website called etsy (seriously go there and look its amazing)
On a scrabble tile. love it..
Love the detailed work in this.. and its message :)
I love how simple but effective these are, I'm sure even with my little jewelry making knowledge (i took into to jewelry at NSCAD in my 3rd yr) i could do this, but actually having the materials and being bothered to do it is another thing..
I love how random materials can be made into something amazing..
If life were primary school and someone was trying to buy my friendship. Giving me this ring would buy it.
My Mum has installed a love of Babushkas into me. I think its just because I love her that i love them. That tends to be how i roll.. I love everything over at this etsy store.

I love pastels and i love vintage design..

Along the way..

So my post today is all about a challenge that they had over at jpg mag, about taking photos on your way to or from work. I walk to and from work everyday and although I take the same route everyday, you're never guaranteed that its always going to be the same.
So heres a small selection of photos i've taken on my way to or from work since i've been living here. enjoy!
This is the most recent of the photos here, finally some sun! enough to reflect, shimmering off of the buildings..
I think i saw this around Australia day and just had to take a photo
I get to walk past probably the most iconic attraction in Halifax everyday, The Citadel
This was right when the winter olympics were on and there was all of that controversy about the unsafe luge track which cost some obscene amount of money, and i was like, luge track that kills people $25 million. staircase and naturally occurring snow: priceless

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cuba baby!

"Wednesday, when, huh, what day? Thursday, the third day" is approaching, and with each passing day it gets closer and closer to our new adventure, an all inclusive island holiday!
I honestly dont know what i'm looking forward to most,
Reason 1: having another adventure (well, an adventure inside an adventure as at the moment i'm living it up in k-nad-town but life does still get a bit monotonous and at times and different situations can make it a little stressful, so an island get away is exactly what the doctor ordered! (or not because as it stands i've had to pay almost $500 in doctors bills in the last 2 weeks because of the stupid Canadian health care system not reaching out to poor Aussies..)
Reason 2: I can't wait to have spare time to take a bunch of photos, I'll be taking my Olympuswaterproof, shockproof camera (for drunken nights out) my Canon 30d (for taking 'real' photos) a Canon D10 (because the Olympus takes shocking photos and i'll be taking it to the beach and underwater) and my Polaroid, and yes, I'm one of the only ones still with film. Ha.
Reason 3: It's all inclusive, and when i say all inclusive I mean everything, Alcohol, beach sports, food, everything..
Reason 4: Last but not least, I'm looking forward to some quality time with my boy.. Who is finishing his exams/ whole undergraduate degree right about now and so we'll be free to just chill out (and heres the best bit) together. :)

Here is an article that I found on the Lomography website which is set in Cuba, not the same place i'm going but yeah..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take a Lifetimes worth..

Sometimes life throws curve balls and I always just take the experience and learn and grow from it.
Take a lifetimes worth is all about making the most of what you've got and doing everything the best you can. It is also a (somewhat changed) quote from a small Canadian movie that I love called One week starring Joshua Jackson.
The camera is my Canon 30d which in my lifetime I have taken more photos on than any other camera (I hate to know what the shutter count is) and the rolls of film coming in from in behind are showing my background, my beginnings.
The sunset is based on the one I would see every afternoon after coming home from school and there was a less than 5 minute interval where the colours in the sky would change violently sometimes, gradually others. I remember taking photos on my 2 megapixel olympus camera, trying capture that space of time where it is all there and then it isn't, how tangible it all can be.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blogging for the man..

So today I eventually posted a blog that I was writing for my work (They have their own blog) at Atlantic Photo Supply, a locally owned and loved Camera shop and professional lab. I really like working there, being able to get to know all the newest cameras, talk to all the professional photographer clients and even help all the little old ladies get reprints from their old slides.. All the different characters that I get to interact with throughout the day are also what make it feel like it was meant to be for me to work there..
So, take a look at the blog and as always feel free to leave comments, I've left it pretty open for discussion..
Here is a link to one of my favorite photographers who walks through the doors.. I think i'll have to make a follow up blog of all of my favorites because there are so many to choose from.
And to leave you with a photo, heres one I took last week.. I love old people holding hands :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We all get a little bit weird, sometimes..

Everyone has a dirty little secret, or at least something that they wouldn't usually disclose to people when first meeting because you know for a fact that they would judge you there and then.. Well, heres mine.
My favorite band is Hanson. Yes, the kids that looked like girls who sang mmmbop.
What alot of people dont realize is that that was 12 years ago, and honestly, how much have you changed in 12 years? Do you still collect pokemon cards, go to see Titanic 10 times at the cinema while wearing your cargo pants and rocking a 'rachel' haircut.. no, i thought not..
So, like all of us, these guys have changed alot since the mmmbop days. Their 2004 album underneath was a big departure from the cookie cutter world of pop and anthems like "Strong enough to break" got me through my last year of high school and I was even lucky enough to go and see them in concert (the best day of my life thus far.. but thats another story).
The Walk was released in 2007 and they have been doing alot of charity work and making babies with their wives (yes, they're all married with kids) since then. Taylor even did a side project 'Tinted Windows", which when i first heard their song on Triple J I almost ran my car off the road.
So, if you know and love me, or if you're at all interested, check out their new single. I know that this will be the one cd that i will actually go out and buy this year.
I have this photo as a poster on the back of my door back home, much larger than life size..