Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tina and Alberts Engagement

One rainy day at the beginning of March I set off with the incredibly fun and down to earth couple into downtown London for their engagement session. Even though the weather never really eased off and they never complained as we walked around downtown looking for different locations to shoot. We really hit the jackpot when we went into Museum London and took some great silhouette photos near the huge windows they have showing off the city and through those we saw what looked like an Iceberg which we had to go check out. We headed into the Covent Garden market to have a ride on the horse, to go along with their country theme wedding, and right at the end I made them jump in puddles getting all wet. It was a lot of fun and it was an honor to photograph these two getting married last Saturday! Next week I'll have part one of that!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Precious things..

Back in January, I started doing the 52 project and really, unfortunately, January was where it ended also. I would really like to some how catch up but we'll see how I go. These photos are the results of one of the first 'challenges' to shoot a simple still life- That originated with my 'Hanson' sunglasses and it spiraled to documenting all of the jewellery that I'd got for christmas. I'm glad I did now because, like with all photographs it documents a time that has past, the paint on the sunglasses is peeling off, the headband broken, watch all scratched up so it's nice to have photos of these things from when they were all new.
Check out Hanson's Give a little video
There's no place like home.. A nice reminder from Danii..
Gram Fenton, Probably the handiest present I've been given in awhile.
Tea bag and cup earrings from Mum via Etsy
Barbie heels and cupcakes, can't get much girly-er than that! From the best seller on Etsy- Rocknrollbaby
1 pound Primark baby!
Possibly the cutest best friend bracelet around

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pack your bags!

Today I spent a bit of time packing up my bags for Tina and Alberts wedding tomorrow, and I thought I might share what I throw in my wedding bag to make the day go that little bit smoother.
First there is the obvious, back up cards and cameras, all the lighting equipment and Lenses you need. That one is kind of a given.
Loads of extra batteries
Don't leave the house without anything you wouldn't normally leave the house without, my regular checklist is wallet, mobile, camera, keys, sunnies- yes, even in winter.. I have sensitive eyes ;P
Energy bars
Not so much for this early in Spring but during summer I would pack a change of shirt, deodorant and sunscreen because carrying all that gear while running around getting all the shots you need is hot work!
Fun for the guests, props for photo booth style photos
All the other stuff- lens cloths, bobby pins, paper(for writing on and for possible missing pocket squares), headache tablets, band aids, tampons, cotton buds (Q-tips) business cards, Burt's bees lip balm, clothes hanger (for hanging the gown on for photos at the beginning), small scissors, safety pins, hotel sized sewing kit, contact numbers, portrait shoot list, sharpie, pen. With this little swag you never know who's life you'll be saving!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Audrey

Last week I showed you Nicole and Josh's maternity session and I'd like to introduce you to their little bundle of joy, Audrey. At around 2 weeks old she was wide awake for the whole session, showing us her beautiful eyes and I can tell she's certainly going to be an active little one! Her grandma made the beautiful basket right and the end and I think it is screaming out for easter photos so let me know if you'd be interested! Wishing you all a great Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking forward to the summer..

Last weekend south western Ontario had record highs with London reaching 22 degrees. This weekend there was snow on the ground. I can't wait until all of this spring weather evens out and there can be barbecues and I can dare to walk out the front door without my winter coat without regretting it later.
Canada Day really symbolizes summer in Canada for me, probably because it was one of the warmest days I remember from last year while I was in Canada and had a great friendly feel to it. There were a number of event which were on and around it and it all was a fun time but here are some shots from the day which, to me, show the warmth of the day which is what I am so looking forward to.