Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joey and Loey's wedding at Bellamere Winery, London Ontario

Joey and Loey's big day had everything, fight for the bride, eating contests, tea ceremonies, rain clouds overhead that kept the rain in them for the whole day and parted for a brief spot of sunshine as they walked down the aisle, dance routines, groomsmen dancing to the Spice Girls, the brides mom teaching everyone how to dougie, a stop motion video, the funniest song to explain the rules of the establishment, lots of heartfelt speeches with tears and last but not at all least, love. I loved documenting their big day and put together a slideshow for them (at the end of this post) with some of the highlights. If you want to see some of what I mentioned above along with Ryan Gosling kisses and appearances by superman and the flash, check it out.

Getting ready location/ Tea Ceremony 1: Delta Armouries Hotel
Ceremony and Reception: Bellamere Winery

In this slideshow there are a bunch of shots by my wonderful second shooter Arthur, I really can't express how how important it is to include a second shooter in your wedding package, to get different angles and shots that may have not been in the right spot etc!- for full screen view go to YouTube-

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pet Photography London Ontario

Fur babies really are just as much like furless babies in their parents eyes and I know that Gemma and her parents definitely feel the same! I loved meeting them at Gibbons Park for their shoot! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Awesome Monday part 9

What a beautiful start to the week with this lovely weather! Now if only this cold I've been fighting will go away I'll be happy.. Another instalment today with shots of some big personalities taken at the Chelsey Park retirement home which I am very happy to announce I will be visiting again at the beginning of next month. If you are a hair or makeup artist wanting to be involved please get in contact with me.

Janet is a jolly Scot who was fun to talk to and Amanda did did a great job on her hair. We chatted about how is something is handmade it is so much better, esecially as a gift which stems from how she used to teach calligraphy.

Len told us that she likes to do her own makeup but can’t remember ever having makeup done by someone else before. I enjoyed chatting to her and taking her portrait, she is a very lively character and even pulled funny faces for a couple of shots. She tole me that she had professional portraits done awhile ago.

Ruby who was originally from Cornwall brought her gorgeous glamour shot from just before she had children to show us, and she really hadn't changed all those years later! She had told us that it had been many years since she had had a photo taken and really enjoyed being made up. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Awesome Monday part 8

Another awesome start to the week, well, except for the rain. Last week I dropped off the portraits to the residents of Chelsey Park and unfortunately I didn't have time to go around and deliver them to everyone myself but the recreation co-ordinator there was looking through ooing and ahhing at them when I dropped them off so I'm sure that the participants would have been happy with them and I'm looking forward to the next date!

Gail was the only person I was able to see her reaction in person as she was with the recreation coordinator when I dropped off the portraits and she had a very modest reaction. On the day of the hair and makeup though, I was told that when she went upstairs she was getting cat calls by some of the other residents :)

Helen is one amazing lady, you would have seen her in the behind the scenes photos playing the piano. She is 98 years old, sings and plays the piano, but has never had a lesson in her life. Learned music from listening to songs and learning them by ear. Thinks people should share their talents and not keep them hidden.  She told us she ‘felt like a queen’ and ‘in a daydream’ or had ‘too much whiskey’ while we were doing her hair and makeup. 

Shelly was also one of the younger participants in the portraits and told us that she has been at Chelsey Park for 5 years. Her family lives in London, including her sister, but she doesn’t see them often so said she enjoyed the day. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Motorcycle engagement photography session London Ontario

Kim and Rod have a mutual love for motorcycles, and each other. So when the dry ground came out of hiding we got together downtown for their engagement shoot which we then used to make invitations out of for their upcoming wedding in Port Stanley when the tall ships are in town.