Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BIG bouncing baby boy

Since meeting Tina and Albert at the beginning of the year they have been really supportive and gave me the opportunity to photograph their Engagement, Wedding, Maternity and now baby boy. At over 10 pound this big guy didn't want to make his appearance when he was due to and so it was cut right down to the wire of when I was leaving London to do his photo session. I ended up meeting this 10 pound little man at the hospital and did more of a lifestyle session for them.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to nature maternity session

I'll write more about this lovely couple when I post the newborn shoot later in the week but for now I'll just leave you with possibly my favorite maternity session so far this year. All fo the photos were taken in Tina's fathers backyard, man would I love to have that many different scenic places in my backyard for doing photography sessions in!

These last three shots were very special as it was Tina's first time visiting the spot where her dog was buried. I had to do the same thing when returning home with my dog and I'm really glad I was able to capture a sad yet beautiful moment for them.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dreamy and Girly

What Grandma doesn't like photos of their grandchildren, seriously?
Sometimes they are the sole reason why families would come in to get photos at the portrait studios I've worked in, "Grandma had been on my back to get my grad photo done since I graduated last year', was something very commonly heard when I worked in Canada. This session was so much fun for me, I had taken maternity and newborn photos of little Audrey and when her and Charis' Grandma asked me back to do a session with both her granddaughters I was excited to use some props that I had wanted to use for awhile and make it a very girly, dream-like session. You can also check out the sneak peaks to this session.

So if you like what you see above and would like to book a session in time for Christmas, first go to my Facebook page and enter the competition then email me at erin(at) to start chatting about how we can personalize your session!