Saturday, July 30, 2011

Now jump up lets get crazy..

I'm not really talking about the Pitbull song here, I'm talking about the in between time at weddings where it takes people a little while to warm up to dancing. What is the perfect solution? A photo booth with silly props to make the people laugh and give them something else to do rather than just standing and looking at the camera.
I offer this as an option with my wedding packages. These shots were taken at a recent wedding that I helped Nader (a London area wedding photographer, ask me if you would like his details) shoot. I'll be showing you the more formal shots during the week next week but I thought this was a good way to kick off the long weekend. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

No stock photos allowed

Dave and I met through Couchsurfing, which if you don't know about you should definitely check out. After checking out different local massage therapists websites in preparation for making his own he saw the same old stale stock images. He decided he needed something different, something more personalized and that is where I came in. I really appreciate that he decided not to follow the crowd and do something with his hands and personal touch (pardon the pun).

If you're in the London area and in need of a massage Therapist contact Dave-

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lomography family shoot

Shooting a session with my Lomography cameras was something I had always wanted to do. When I got the email saying that they were interested i was over the moon and after looking at the different techniques that she liked came up with some good film/camera combinations to use for the family shoot.
With film being film there were a few obstacles to overcome, first using up the rest of the rolls that I had started in my Fisheye, Diana Mini, Diana F+, Holga and colorsplash. Second was getting the rolls to the lab and getting them back - this wouldn't have been a problem if I had some kind of regular schedule inside normal working hours but I don't. Then it was the scanning of the negatives, the biggest obstacle. I started scanning all of them and didn't realize until I hit the colorsplash Velvia xpro roll with the high saturated colours that I noticed that the scanner had been scanning with little horizontal lines going all through the images. I spent ages trying to figure it out and then asked Canon and they helped with emailing me about how to calibrate. At least now I'll know for next time!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Blue Eyes

When I was at the Car Free Festival showing some of my Lomography prints I had asked Jayne and her family if she had wanted to get a photo taken with my little Car Free Festival sign but I saw that baby was sleeping so told them to let sleeping babies lie and handed over my card, a lot sooner than expected we had a shoot planned and as baby Liam had had some cool shades on when I had met them I didn't have a chance to see then how beautiful his eyes were. I seriously have not done anything to these photos to enhance the eyes, thats just the way they are! We decided to shoot with some of my Lomography cameras which was seriously exciting as I had been wanting to use them to do a shoot for someone for a long time. This post is all the digital's and the Lomo's will follow on Saturday. It was great to share an afternoon with the family and hear stories, I always appreciate being let in to people's lives and capturing moments like these to last a lifetime!

I loved it when I said give him a kiss, she thought I meant the baby, how times can change!

I also loved it when the grandparents had just got there and grandma leaned away as if to leave and he did this. Too cute!!

I would love it if you shared this so that I get to make more memories photographing families! Check out my Travel Notice section to see where I'll be for the next little while!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I wish that I had Jesse's girl!

Whenever I meet a couple with the guy called Jesse, that song always comes in my head! I met Shandell and Jesse at Victoria park where we were going to do their engagement session but, even though I checked the London event website I guess that place must pretty much just always have something going on there so we decided to go to my favorite park but walked in a direction I hadn't gone before, we found some great scenery. It was great to get to know this couples Brady Bunch story, see how smitten he was and hear about some broken bones from doing some pretty extreme stuff! It was an extremely hot day so we ended up at Marble Slab and got some ice cream, a great way to end a summer engagement session if you ask me!