Monday, February 15, 2010

Dont put up a fight.. I dont bite..

So yesterday was the day of celebrating love, Valentines day, or as i was thinking, the day of making all the singles remember that they are in fact single and will be alone for the day.
So you start thinking of the past, I've only ever had one 'real' Valentines day, with my first love, where we did all the sterotypical
stuff, we were all over each other all day, got dressed up and went out to an Italian restaurant and I got given a teddy bear and some flowers..
The day ended up not being too bad at all, i woke up to having a box full of my favorite treats and a completely appropriate card. So, determined to not just sit around the house all day by myself i decided to go for a walk, I went to an antique shop where i found some really awesome finds (shall blog about them another day) and went into some art galleries then went and ate the
cupcake i was given while sitting in the park listening to this little toy that plays edelweiss which is my nanas song, and i know no-one would believe it but i could feel her there with me.
So i guess what i learnt was that valentines day is meant for all types of love and friendship.

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