Thursday, May 30, 2013

Heidy and Mark wedding photography at the Ivey Spencer leadership centre London Ontario

I was in love with the Ivey Spencer venue from the minute I drove in with my second shooter Robin, and it wasn’t just because of the groundhogs. For a day that was verging on rain at any given minute we were very lucky and only got enough for me to set up for a shot with an umbrella, and then it stopped. Heidy was a glowing bride who never seemed to stop smiling and  I loved capturing the love between her and Mark on their big day. The children were a major highlight, especially the ‘fighting kiss’ towards the end of the night.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Awesome Monday part 6

I thought I would start the series of portraits from our visit at the Chelsey Park retirement home with some behind the scenes shots. Another big thank you to Hair stylist Amanda Rendell from Studio H and makeup artists Elfriede and Shealee for all your work on the day, as well as Laura who blogs for the Caregiver Exchange and wrote this lovely post where more behind the scenes pictures are posted which I really appreciated as there are some of me in them too :)

Now to share the first portrait from the day. I don't see this project at all as a 'Before and After' glamour shot thing whatsoever as it is all about the experience and showing the participants beauty but with the amazing work that Amanda was doing to hair especially for Cindy, I just had to take a before and of course share the after.