Friday, February 26, 2010

You're my cuppy cuppy cake..

It's no secret that I love cupcakes.. Today we had a bit of a photo shoot at work for the new blog that we will be launching (more on than when it happens) and this is one of the photos from it.. The best part was of course, eating the Suzies shortbreads cupcake after :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

1987- present

So, when i was doing my 21st slideshow a bit over a year ago I thought it would be fun if i re-took some of the photos of me from when i was a kid, and teamed them up with recent photos to show how i really haven't changed, and Photojojo (a great website that i subscribe to) sent me a wonderful link today showing me that i'm not all the original, and that in fact it is somewhat of a phenomenon.. see it all here. and i hope you enjoy my examples :)

Making kids go gaga..

So, I haven't blogged in a few days due to being too busy with the kittens! So here is a slideshow of something i found this week that i think is kind of cool/ creepy/ innovative. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The miracle of life

11am New years eve 2009: My best friend and roomate Chanel and her boyfriend Ben noticed a cat crying on one of the 3rd floor balconies. It was -14 degrees out. They went out to the shops, and when they came home and it was still there they called the building rep who wouldn't do anything about it.. long story short by 7pm we were now in possession of the cat. I have never had a cat before and I'm not used to some of the things that she does. Basically, i'm not a cat person. But when we discovered she was pregnant, and that we were definitely going to keep the pregnant teenage runaway and i had to get used to it, i've started warming to her.
630pm February 20 2010: Come home from work and she doesn't come running to me straight away, I automatically thought of where she would be (shes been scoping it out for weeks) and sure enough, there she was all braced purring and breathing heavily.
830pm February 20 2010: 4 kittens had been brought into the world and all seemed good. I didn't realise how furry they would be!
9pm February 20 2010: I go out to a party, I told the cab driver about it on the way there and he told me about a time when a womans water broke in the back seat of the taxi.
230am February 20 2010: I come home and (although its hard to see coz they're all so little and shes lying all over them and they keep moving) I think theres one that is extremely still.
830am February 20 2010: Having nightmares and unable to sleep thinking there might be a dead kitten i come downstairs and yeah, it's still in the same place it was last night. I tried to move the bloody towels and (not that I got to this part but move) the dead baby. But, even though i'm pretty sure shes never had kittens before, her maternal instincts are stong and she bit me very hard and hissed. So i guess i'm just going to have to wait til she moves or something. Any suggestions?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Buckets Buttons..

So I've been admiring Krista, my friend at work's button/pin/badges that she made of her boyfriend and parents for awhile now and wishing I could get my hands on a button maker so that I could make my own and make some for friends as small, easily send-able gifts as well. I put on my thinking cap to think up ways that I could reason with myself to make such an investment (they're brand new about $400 for the whole set up for the 1" normal size ones) and the business ideas I've come up with are

- Ask local bands if they need buttons done up

- could make a different kind of photo portfolio

- Get artist friends to do small drawings and button em up and sell them at art boutiques

- Get a market at the farmers market and sell buttons (both of photos of around halifax, cool slogans and the

hand made ones)

-Do the same thing on the waterfront when all the tourists come, if i could even get access to a power outlet i could take my laptop, a printer and the button maker, take a photo of said tourist then print it and they would have a custom made button of them self in halifax (and if it worked out i could do this where ever i go)

So yeah i guess I'm wondering if people think that this is a good idea? If anyone knows if there is a chance of me making the money back for one, or if there is any money in it in the long run?

And speaking of wondering what people think, I better get some people lookin' at this thang! Unleash the facebook assault!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow!

So when i came downstairs this morning, my jaw literally dropped.. SO MUCH SNOW was on our deck! I love snow, I hate how cold it has to be for it to snow but I love the fresh snow! So today it's just a photo blog of the snow :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My friend fred..

While I was on my walk on Sunday I found this really cool brand in Carbonstock called Fred and friends and in true sound of music style (While I was at Carbonstock I also bought a small music box that plays edelweiss for my friend) these are a few of my favorite things....

Monday, February 15, 2010

For those who love to look at love..

I'm a romantic at heart. and i love to see love. in all its forms..

Check this out..

Heres my fave..

Dont put up a fight.. I dont bite..

So yesterday was the day of celebrating love, Valentines day, or as i was thinking, the day of making all the singles remember that they are in fact single and will be alone for the day.
So you start thinking of the past, I've only ever had one 'real' Valentines day, with my first love, where we did all the sterotypical
stuff, we were all over each other all day, got dressed up and went out to an Italian restaurant and I got given a teddy bear and some flowers..
The day ended up not being too bad at all, i woke up to having a box full of my favorite treats and a completely appropriate card. So, determined to not just sit around the house all day by myself i decided to go for a walk, I went to an antique shop where i found some really awesome finds (shall blog about them another day) and went into some art galleries then went and ate the
cupcake i was given while sitting in the park listening to this little toy that plays edelweiss which is my nanas song, and i know no-one would believe it but i could feel her there with me.
So i guess what i learnt was that valentines day is meant for all types of love and friendship.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hi, My name is..

what? my name is.. who? my name is.. chicka chicka chicka... Erin Woodgate...
Some things you should know..
-I'm Australian, and proud of it.
-I take photos
-I love art and have a bachelors degree in it.
-I LOVE cupcakes (and have a kick ass tattoo of one)
-I like old school.. vintage.. retro.. I watch movies based on the 60's and think i should have been born when my mum was at times.. but then again i rock out to Hanson and the Spice Girls.
-I have 4 tattoos and intend on getting more
-I'm an only child, My friends are like my sisters and brothers
-I'm outgoing, love adventuring and being stereotypical
-I like hip hop music and while i'm listening to
it I think i'm a gangster but i'm actually the complete opposite.
-and probably the most important thing about me right now, I'm living and working overseas currently in Halifax, Canada.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gettin Bloggy wit it..

So i've decided to get bloggy with it. And hopefully all of ya'll will find it as fresh as Will Smith when he was getting jiggy..
So I basically will be talking about my life, all things i find fun, interesting and all about my travels.
But for now I wanted to let
you know about a few blogs or fun websites (a few I'm sure you know)
Looking at these sites always gives me a laugh and i've learnt from these that the trick to keeping people interested is to keep it changing, and that is hopefully what i will be doing.