Wednesday, August 31, 2011

James Dean inspired shoot

As i mentioned in my Marylin post, I had decided I would do a series on young, dead celebrities. I can't say I came up with the idea to do that because, really, it's been done before but these people were such an inspiration to now so many generations of people that of course it has all been done. One of my favourite quotes which I have hanging on my mirror at home is 'Art is either evolution or revolution'. When searching for models to do these shoots with I headed over to trusty Model Mayhem, a lot of people talk about having bad experiences with models, or from the other side with photographers, but I have only had one time when a model didn't turn up for a shoot and I put this down to choosing the models wisely and keeping up a good amount of contact.
My James Dean is a London model who has been photographed by some amazing photographers both in Canada and in Italy where he spent some time modelling so I felt very privileged when he said he would help me out with my little project. He definitely was the perfect one for the job and after doing the plain backdrop James Dean inspired shots we snapped a few extras influenced by high fashion looks.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Marylin Monroe shoot

Around Marylin Monroe's birthday this year I saw a slideshow of photos taken by Magnum photographers of when she was on set at some of her movies and more kind of documentary style photos of her which I loved and was really inspired to so some photos inspired by her. I found the perfect model in Elisa, beauty spot and all, and we hit the park a few weeks ago to have some fun in my Marylin dress and pin up style bathing suit. This shoot is the start to my series that I will be starting to do, inspired by young dead celebrities. Stay tuned this week for London, Ontario's James Dean.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Crystal and Randy Part 3

I had never seen so many weddings in one place before as I did this hot summer Saturday afternoon at Springbank park in London Ontario. It is from what I gather somewhat a traditional spot to go to to take photos with people wanting to go there as their parents had many years before. We had some fun with it as you can see in the photos and all the photographers and wedding parties were very considerate with staying out of each others way.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crystal and Randy Part 2

Even with the 'Formal' shots I tend to always see it as more of a documentary of the day, I love capturing the natural expressions and the moments that you just couldn't pose.