Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Blue Eyes

When I was at the Car Free Festival showing some of my Lomography prints I had asked Jayne and her family if she had wanted to get a photo taken with my little Car Free Festival sign but I saw that baby was sleeping so told them to let sleeping babies lie and handed over my card, a lot sooner than expected we had a shoot planned and as baby Liam had had some cool shades on when I had met them I didn't have a chance to see then how beautiful his eyes were. I seriously have not done anything to these photos to enhance the eyes, thats just the way they are! We decided to shoot with some of my Lomography cameras which was seriously exciting as I had been wanting to use them to do a shoot for someone for a long time. This post is all the digital's and the Lomo's will follow on Saturday. It was great to share an afternoon with the family and hear stories, I always appreciate being let in to people's lives and capturing moments like these to last a lifetime!

I loved it when I said give him a kiss, she thought I meant the baby, how times can change!

I also loved it when the grandparents had just got there and grandma leaned away as if to leave and he did this. Too cute!!

I would love it if you shared this so that I get to make more memories photographing families! Check out my Travel Notice section to see where I'll be for the next little while!


  1. These are beautiful erin! especially that first one. the light and location are amazing!

    If you don't mind me asking, what lens are you using?

    xo krista

  2. Hey, thanks for checking it out! Mainly just the 50 actually :)