Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer shoot Saturday's

So as senior sessions start to die-down, summer keeps heating up! Cam and I will be spending the next year at least in summer (this summer in Canada, Australian summer, then summer in Europe/back to Canada) so it's a good thing that the warm weather and I get along nicely! This shoot was done on one of those lovely long hot summmer days we get here in South Western Ontario. The weather certainly was a hell of a lot different from when Aurora and I first met. The original idea for this shoot was bright, but that turned into pink, my favorite of all the colors and what I happened to have in props and accessories.

Bag available from ennadoolf

Earrings Available from Me!

Camera available from Lomography

Check this guy out!

Model: Aurora Fitzgerald
Makeup Artist: Melissa Cur


  1. hehe, I know where photo # 9 (above) was taken! I'm there every weekday morning! LOL

    These are great shots! Love them all!

  2. haha yeah it was a pretty random location, but, you know you just gotta look and be inspired by what is around you I guess, even if it is the back of a Tim Hortons or something :)