Monday, July 4, 2011

Unveiling my Website

For a long time now I have been wanting to build a website. I've been building my portfolio and showing it all on my Facebook page and on here, my blog, but my lack of web design skills held me off building one. More and more lately I had been thinking about doing it, to try to be taken even more seriously about doing what I love and to be able to market myself. It wasn't until I was watching an Epic meal time video (of all things) that I finally got pushed over the edge. They were advertising 30% off Squarespace fees. I had used Squarespace before at one of my other jobs and had mastered how to do that so I took up a free trial to begin with and with the help of my lovely (geeky) boyfriend I've now got it all up and running. I'm sure that I will be making little tweaks here and there along the way but I'm thinking it looks pretty good.
So heres where you come in! Submit a photo of something that makes you EPIC-ly happy! I'm thinking that laughing face of your child, your favorite beach or park to visit, or even just a photo of a time that is now a great memory. You can submit either by posting it to my facebook page or by emailing it to me at I will put all the photos into a folder on my facebook page called 'The Epic Competition' (I've put a photo in there of a happy memory) and the person whose photo has the highest amount of 'likes' wins a free photoshoot of your choice either for yourself or to use as a gift certificate for someone else. I realize that my 'fans' are everywhere from here in London to across the country in Halifax to all the way at home on the Central Coast and as I'm going to be in all 3 of these places within the next 3 months it will be possible for everyone to enter!
So go on, have a look at my new website, then look through your photo albums and submit a photo that makes you Epic-ly happy, then share my page with your friends to get more likes on your photo and have some fun in the process! As an extra bonus, everyone who enters get $25 off their first photo session!
I'll be drawing the winner in 10 days or when my page hits 350 likes, whatever comes first :)

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  1. Erin! I don't know if you saw or not, but you won the cake & cotton "i heart summer" giveaway! Please check out my post today at cake & cotton. sorry, i'm signed in under my other blog. Thanks and congrats!! Leslie