Monday, February 28, 2011

Memory Mondays Week 8

It is nearing the beginning of spring again and my Aussie blood can hardly wait. I love how different the seasons are in Canada compared to back home, you truly see the 4 seasons. Spring is where everything comes alive, especially the maple trees.
I was on couch surfing around this time last year and saw that there was someone from the Central Coast (where i'm from) in Halifax, I messaged him and he was living there also. We all decided to go to a place about 1 and a half hr drive out of the city called Sugar Moon farms and if that name doesn't make you want to go there then the fact that it is where they make real maple syrup sure should!

We happened to go there at the right time because on our particular tour was when they fired up the oven and started boiling the sap to make the syrup and boy was that one time that I wish I had more of a sense of smell! After learning all about how it is made we then made some maple candies rolling up the warm syrup from the snow on our sticks. After going for a walk in the woods we came back to the restaurant for an all around maple flavored lunch. To top it all off I got a maple leaf tattoo that night because I said I would if Canada won the Gold in the Ice hockey in the Vancouver Olympics.

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