Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm not sure why I like saying, or at least typing that so much, I've never been one for BiG & LiTtLe lEtTeRs being together in one word but I know one thing for sure, I like England.

I'm guessing it is because my Dad is from there so I've always had some kind of connection to 'The mother country' but other than the cold weather and how much they like to talk about it. I love it. Always a new place to explore, another fish and chip shop to try and despite what people say I generally find the English friendly people. A testament to that was when I was at Oktoberfest the 3 guys that I enjoyed hanging out with the most were English.

Waiting for the Tube
The seats at Camden Markets
A man sitting in a pub in Portobello Rd
A car from Europe in a street near Harrods
The change of the guard
A rainbow going into a tree in Hyde Park
Blue doors matching the sky in Tower of London
Tower of London
A squirrel in the park
Dandelion in Kent
Early morning dew
Cherry coke on the beach in Isle of Sheppey
One of Castle Howards peacocks
The grounds of Castle Howard
A grey day in York

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