Thursday, March 3, 2011

Munchen Munich

So my main reason for going to Munich was Oktoberfest, not going to beat around the bush about that. But when I got there and I walked around the center of town for a little while I realized what beautiful architecture it has and the lively city (I'm sure it was a lot more lively than normal because of the festival) has so much history, especially with the second world war, that it was amazing to go on the Sandemans free walking tour and learn all about it. Our tour guide was from America but had degrees in History and had written books on the Hitler etc so you know we were in good hands.

We went in the church which is said to have the devils footprint. He told us which buildings had been rebuilt since the war and also which bars to go to and which beers to avoid. While I was there I also went to the Dachau Concentration camp which was very sober and had a lot to read and look at but unfortunately I was on a bus tour and only had an hour and a half to look around and would have liked a lot longer than that. On a lighter note I went to the toy museum which was great as it had translations in English of the descriptions of each of the different dolls, action figures, robots, Steiff bears and Barbies that we were looking at and it was a very low entry fee.

Some creepy looking dolls in the toy museum

My classic aviator shot of the glockenspiel

An amazing car (I wish I knew cars, but all the guys on the walking tour were very impressed by it) on the most expensive street in Munich

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