Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oktoberfest in September, In Feburary.

Yesterday my boyfriends good friend who is going to Europe this summer was asking me what places I think they really shouldn't miss out on and I realized I haven't done a Europe post in a little while so I thought I would this morning..

I realize that this post has A LOT of photos so I won't talk for too long about it but basically last year was the 200th year of Oktoberfest. It meant bigger crowds than usually but also more parades etc. I was there for the first weekend of it with the tapping of the first keg, which i wasn't able to see because they do it inside one of the beer halls and even though I got there at 9am to get a seat and the tappping wasn't until 12noon I still couldn't get in.

The first weekend is also known as Aussie weekend. Pretty much every person speaking english there on that first weekend had an Australian accent. I stayed at the topdeck campsite and it really was like a little Australia. It actually was quite soothing for someone like me missing home. It was pretty funny though because even though the campsite was probably 95% Australian, 3% New Zealander, I somehow ended up finding the only English people there to hang out with.

So what are my tips for Oktoberfest? If you're going to camp, make sure you are very intoxicated when you're going to sleep or have a very warm sleeping bag- It was freezing!!! Get to the beer halls early if you want a seat. and most but not least make sure you see more of the city than the beer halls or camping ground, Munich is an amazing place and my next travel blog will be about that!

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