Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missing pieces..

Before Christmas I got obsessed with Etsy. I bought most of my Christmas presents on there and even opened up a store to sell my photography in. I haven't really been too active with it to tell you the truth and that is probably why I haven't sold anything yet but when I saw that some people were putting together a shop to help the people effected by the Queensland floods I had to submit something. I had been working on making Jigsaw jewellery for a little while, mainly for myself but when I saw this I thought it would be perfect as it would be nice and light to send anywhere in the world and I already had it made.

Unfortunately the shop will be closed Thursday night Australian eastern standard time so if you would like to help out a worthwhile cause and get something unique for your trouble then head on over to the Etsy flood relief appeal site!
Click on the picture below to go to my entry.

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