Monday, February 7, 2011

Memory Mondays Week 5

Half way there through the weeks that I'm bringing you random side stories from the year that was 2010 which haven't been shown here at all yet. This week is another cupcake related one, so just in case you're like me and haven't had breakfast yet, you better do so before you go raiding your baking cupboard to start making some of the sweet little things!
So one day I was walking down Spring Garden Rd on my way to work from the gym and I saw a poster on a telegraph pole saying two of my favorite things, CUPCAKE camp and PHOTOGRAPHY by Chelle Wooten Photography, I went to NSCAD with Chelle so I was able to ask her all the details that I was unable to get in my rush to work that morning. You can check out her blog about it here.

These cupcake campfire's won the best presentation award
So basically it was a charity event and you went along with some cupcakes that you baked and a note, of the $5 or $10 variety. I wore my cupcake dress and felt sick after eating 2 cupcakes, the magnolias recipe one- (HAD to sample that one to see if it was anything like the original, and I'm happy to say it was very close) and a cookie monster one, because well, it was just so darn cute!

My signature pink icing was also in attendance..

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