Sunday, January 30, 2011

Memory Mondays Week 4

This week I've dug out some photos from back in June when my friends and I decided that it would be fun to have a cupcake decorating party. I went to the local Bulk Barn and spent $20 on sprinkles and invited everyone around with some plain cooked cupcakes, we then all went to town with the icing, sprinkles and toppings. It was a sweet (terrible pun) time had by all for not a lot of cash and no alcohol involved, just belly aches to go home with. I still have a load of sprinkles left and the great thing about sprinkles is, they'll keep for a long time so I'm hoping to have another one sometime.


  1. thanks for your comment!
    Lovely post!

  2. i love the different sizes! also hilarious the teacup, great blog-just began following!

    Cinched at the waist