Monday, January 3, 2011

Italia- Amalfi coast Edition

Positano. Where? Dayna had looked at a great book and had seen about the Amalfi coast region and the tip was to stay at a smaller town called Positano. I was told it would have spectaular views and ocean. I was in.
Even while we were on our trip I still kept mis-pronouncing it. Now I can't see how I ever did. The $3 bus trip along the coast was probably the best value (and terrifying) thing I bought all trip. Its a good thing I don't mind highs or cliff overhangs welll far up above the water because that is what the bus ride from Sorrento to Positano had in store for us. We arrived late in the afternoon and were just happy gazing around the place at all the beautiful scenery that we could take in from our hostel balcony.
We spent a couple of days just laying in the sun on the (pebbled) beach, well that is if you call hiding in the shade of a boat laying in the sun. My pasty white skin just can't hack that kind of sun. We also checked out the shops around the town, my favorite for sure being the grocery and fruit and vegetable shops. We also spent a fair bit of time waiting for our turn to get on the tiny buses that brave the cliff face ferrying people up and down the mountain- we walked down it and even just that made our calf muscles quiver so we didn't dare walking back up.
Another day we spend the day at Pompeii. Hot, Dusty and Dogs are the three words that come to mind. It was the day when I was happy to not walk the extra mile to get to see the whole attraction because of the heat. The wind was hot and whipped the giant dust bowl which is Pomeii into our eyes and a little known fact is that they have a bunch of dogs which live there that are strays and they supposedly look after them but we only ever saw them lying on the ground trying to keep cool and didn't see any water bowls around. Apart from that I enjoyed it, but it's very true what i'd heard beforehand, that most of the artifacts now are in museums rather than being in the original positions.
Another day we took a boat trip to the Isle of Capri which was lovely going to the different grottos, getting off the boat to swim and sitting on the back of the boat feeling the wind in your hair. One tip is though, if they tell you it will be quicker to get from the island to the blue grotto, don't believe them, stay on the boat! It took us over 4 hours to get there and back and made the afternoon a whole lot more stressful because we didn't think we were going to get back to the boat in time.
Have you ever almost not made it to a plane/train/boat?


  1. Gorgeous shots, Erin! My parents went to the Amalfi coast one summer and I am as jealous now as I was when they told me about their trip :) Were you using a camera that worked underwater? I love the photo of your flip-flops!

  2. super fun! we honeymooned there. incrddible!

    get the red bout w the tuna on it to the private beach! (its prob too late to tell you that eh?)

  3. haha flip flops, yeah i was using a Canon D10 which is a small point and shoot underwater camera for the one with the 'flip flops' aka thongs in them :) other than that and the one with the guy jumping from the boat, the rest were just with my dslr..
    yeah a little late but it sure is a nice place of the world!