Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hop festival

No, I'm not talking of the hip kind. I'm talking of the beer kind.
The first weekend in September since 1990 the 'medieval gem town' of Faversham, Kent comes alive with different street performers, stalls, food stalls and the occasional English pub thrown in between. It celebrates the history that Kent, 'the garden of England' has with Hops where whole families would come down from the urban centre of London to stay in Hoppers huts and live for most of the month of September picking the hops in the fields. The hops were then dried out in oast houses which dot the Kentish countryside but most don't serve a purpose these days as a lot of the industry has moved to places like Germany and the United States.


  1. great pics it looks so funny!

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  2. Yes, showcasing your Etsy at least brings traffic and visibility.

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