Monday, January 10, 2011

Memory Mondays Week 1

So I realized that unlike most Bloggers and well any other site on the internet I didn't do a '10 best of 2010' list or alike so I decided a good way to do something similar is that every Monday for the next 10 weeks I'm going to dig through the photo memories from the past year that I haven't blogged about before and share them.
Back in May my boyfriend and his friends graduated their undergraduate degrees and I loved going to the graduation ceremony, taking photos in the public gardens and near the Citadel afterwards and going to the party that Matt's parents had for them. Even though we hadn't been together for very long at that stage and I hadn't really seen all the work that he had put into his studies I was still incredibly proud when his name got read out with the highest honors.
I never got to go to my graduation, my world gypsy lifestyle got in the way of that. or at least my my thirst for the maple country did anyway, because I did exchange in Canada my marks were somehow missed for graduating in the semester when I would have actually of been able to attend the ceremony while i was still in Australia soattending a ceremony with people i care about was a great opportunity.

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