Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We all get a little bit weird, sometimes..

Everyone has a dirty little secret, or at least something that they wouldn't usually disclose to people when first meeting because you know for a fact that they would judge you there and then.. Well, heres mine.
My favorite band is Hanson. Yes, the kids that looked like girls who sang mmmbop.
What alot of people dont realize is that that was 12 years ago, and honestly, how much have you changed in 12 years? Do you still collect pokemon cards, go to see Titanic 10 times at the cinema while wearing your cargo pants and rocking a 'rachel' haircut.. no, i thought not..
So, like all of us, these guys have changed alot since the mmmbop days. Their 2004 album underneath was a big departure from the cookie cutter world of pop and anthems like "Strong enough to break" got me through my last year of high school and I was even lucky enough to go and see them in concert (the best day of my life thus far.. but thats another story).
The Walk was released in 2007 and they have been doing alot of charity work and making babies with their wives (yes, they're all married with kids) since then. Taylor even did a side project 'Tinted Windows", which when i first heard their song on Triple J I almost ran my car off the road.
So, if you know and love me, or if you're at all interested, check out their new single. I know that this will be the one cd that i will actually go out and buy this year.
I have this photo as a poster on the back of my door back home, much larger than life size..

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  1. you are the loudest proudest Hanson fan i know.. You know i hate them, but i will listen to the song.. Cause thats how much i love you!!
    And p.s i still have all my pokemon cards.. ;-)