Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blogging for the man..

So today I eventually posted a blog that I was writing for my work (They have their own blog) at Atlantic Photo Supply, a locally owned and loved Camera shop and professional lab. I really like working there, being able to get to know all the newest cameras, talk to all the professional photographer clients and even help all the little old ladies get reprints from their old slides.. All the different characters that I get to interact with throughout the day are also what make it feel like it was meant to be for me to work there..
So, take a look at the blog and as always feel free to leave comments, I've left it pretty open for discussion..
Here is a link to one of my favorite photographers who walks through the doors.. I think i'll have to make a follow up blog of all of my favorites because there are so many to choose from.
And to leave you with a photo, heres one I took last week.. I love old people holding hands :)

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