Saturday, April 24, 2010

Along the way..

So my post today is all about a challenge that they had over at jpg mag, about taking photos on your way to or from work. I walk to and from work everyday and although I take the same route everyday, you're never guaranteed that its always going to be the same.
So heres a small selection of photos i've taken on my way to or from work since i've been living here. enjoy!
This is the most recent of the photos here, finally some sun! enough to reflect, shimmering off of the buildings..
I think i saw this around Australia day and just had to take a photo
I get to walk past probably the most iconic attraction in Halifax everyday, The Citadel
This was right when the winter olympics were on and there was all of that controversy about the unsafe luge track which cost some obscene amount of money, and i was like, luge track that kills people $25 million. staircase and naturally occurring snow: priceless

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