Saturday, April 24, 2010

etsy etc

Ok So, anyone who knows me well, knows this pattern. I have a cupcake dress made out of it and also a toiletries bag, and a backpack (which i'm looking forward to getting home to be able to use). Anyone who knows me also knows that I love accessories, art and (you should know this just by the url..) cupcakes and cameras.. So here are some of my favorite new finds on a wonderful website called etsy (seriously go there and look its amazing)
On a scrabble tile. love it..
Love the detailed work in this.. and its message :)
I love how simple but effective these are, I'm sure even with my little jewelry making knowledge (i took into to jewelry at NSCAD in my 3rd yr) i could do this, but actually having the materials and being bothered to do it is another thing..
I love how random materials can be made into something amazing..
If life were primary school and someone was trying to buy my friendship. Giving me this ring would buy it.
My Mum has installed a love of Babushkas into me. I think its just because I love her that i love them. That tends to be how i roll.. I love everything over at this etsy store.

I love pastels and i love vintage design..

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