Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cuba baby!

"Wednesday, when, huh, what day? Thursday, the third day" is approaching, and with each passing day it gets closer and closer to our new adventure, an all inclusive island holiday!
I honestly dont know what i'm looking forward to most,
Reason 1: having another adventure (well, an adventure inside an adventure as at the moment i'm living it up in k-nad-town but life does still get a bit monotonous and at times and different situations can make it a little stressful, so an island get away is exactly what the doctor ordered! (or not because as it stands i've had to pay almost $500 in doctors bills in the last 2 weeks because of the stupid Canadian health care system not reaching out to poor Aussies..)
Reason 2: I can't wait to have spare time to take a bunch of photos, I'll be taking my Olympuswaterproof, shockproof camera (for drunken nights out) my Canon 30d (for taking 'real' photos) a Canon D10 (because the Olympus takes shocking photos and i'll be taking it to the beach and underwater) and my Polaroid, and yes, I'm one of the only ones still with film. Ha.
Reason 3: It's all inclusive, and when i say all inclusive I mean everything, Alcohol, beach sports, food, everything..
Reason 4: Last but not least, I'm looking forward to some quality time with my boy.. Who is finishing his exams/ whole undergraduate degree right about now and so we'll be free to just chill out (and heres the best bit) together. :)

Here is an article that I found on the Lomography website which is set in Cuba, not the same place i'm going but yeah..

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