Monday, June 6, 2011

Winter Wanderings

I can now safely say that winter is over. I haven't put my winter coat on since before we left for Halifax and my winter hat has only come out of its hidy hole once, for a crazy hat party. It was one hell of a long winter, everyone who hears my accent comments that it was the worst winter to have been living in London that they can remember and with that 'snowapocalypse' that we had in December and the following snow storms I can definitely see what they meant. When II say that I'll be returning home for this winter therefore our summer people ask if i will miss the cold during the next year and a half of me chasing the summer around the globe? Nope. Will I miss how pretty the snow makes everything when it's freshly fallen? Yes.
A few months ago I showed you a series I had taken during fall with some Impossible project film. I've now started a spring series and will do a summer series before leaving London at the end of August.

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