Monday, June 13, 2011

The best of the best?

I just had some good news! I will be exhibiting at the car free festival this Saturday in London (Ontario) and I'm going to show only analogue photos.. What to show though? I need your help! My contact with the festival said he liked my Chicago Holga pics, So i'm thinking those for sure. I was also thinking of showing my Fall/Winter/Spring impossible works, but I would have to find a suitable frame and then I'm not sure how much sun would be around (sun fades the impossible film) or if I go through all of my Lomography photos and find the ones that I think would be the most pleasing to other people- the ones I treasure are usually something personal that usually other people wouldn't get. I've highlighted some of my faves in my Lomography Facebook album so if you're in the mood for looking through eclectic photographs from London to London through a plastic lens (I think I just accidently found my exhibition title) then please, go to the album and tell me which ones to include! Here are some of the possible ones I will be printing.

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  1. holla Erin,thanks 4visiting my blog,have a nice day friend :) ^^