Saturday, June 25, 2011

Senior Session Saturdays

So I've been doing so many shoots lately that I feel I will have a hard time catching up with posting them all. I decided to see how people might like to sleep in on their day off and have something to wake up to from me. It's been so long since I had a Saturday off that I can't remember what it feels like but I bet it would be nice!
Here is something else nice- Sarah approached me a while back about doing a session to give the photos to her parents because she wasn't happy with the photos they had hanging, how many of us can agree with that! With my portraits I always try to make them as personal as possible, so when I asked what kinds of movies she was into we decided that we wouldn't do anything inspired by her favorite genre- horror, as we didn't think the parents would like to have anything gory hanging up on the walls. So instead we picked a lovely sunny morning and went out into the park, explored and tried to bring an element or romance into the photos, as both her and I are self proclaimed hopeless romantics. Here are some of what we came up with.

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