Sunday, October 3, 2010

"The world is a book and those who do not travel only see one page"- St Augustine

Alright so, I've been really slack with not blogging whatsoever over the past couple of months but everything will be made up for that and man do I have some stuff to share from my travels!

This is the first installment, It came from and email that I send to all my fave people but here it is, with pictures :)

Best pizza: London, weird, i know, it had prawns and lots of cheese with a view of the Thames and was just really really good.

Best Pasta: Lasagne, near the colusseum we got a good deal of bread, salad, lasagne, coke and desert for 15euros. It was amazing.

Best Gelato: Positano, on the beach I had chocolate and Kinder flavours.

Best service: The guy at the hostel in Positano who made our spaghetti for us, people staying there wern't allowed to use the kitchen but we asked if he could just boil us some spaghetti but he cooked the whole packet, with pasta sauce and even made a chilli sauce stuff extra too!

Worst service: A tie- Information at an underground in Rome, told us to go the wrong way and were rude about it.

- Woman serving at supermarket bitching about us to a person in line behind us saying that we had no common sense because we were meant to weigh our own vegetables, how were we meant to know!

Most helpful person: Woman who didn't speak english showing us with arm gestures where the bus station was when the people at the underground sent us in the wrong direction

Best value food: Spaghetti that the guy at the hostel made- 1.60 euro for 3 nights of food.. not too shabby! also got small tubs of ice cream at the grocery shop for 1euro!

Worst value food: Caffe' Belle Art, in venice outside the Galleria Academia, we paid 14.50 euros for a mircowave pasta dinner, a bottle of coke and service charge for the table, the only goodthing was that it was out of the sun and they had good bread sticks!

Best tip off: buy tickets at Palatine hill to get into see the roman forum and the colusseum, the lines were about 2 hrs shorter

that at the colosseum

Worst tip off: the boat driver on the Capri boat tour saying that we could get into the blue grotto by bus in 45mins, 4 and a half hours later we finally got in!

Craziest person: a guy standing in front of a bus in the middle of london holding up traffic for a very long time, the look in his eye looked like he was about to pull a gun.

Best accomodation: Paris, we paid for a 4 person mixed dorm and we got a private room with ensuite!

Worst Accomodation: london, 8 person room with ensuite which the shower was either boiling or freezing, toilet didn't flush and no free wifi

Most awe-worthy sight: Vatican and the Lourve

Place most likely to go back: Paris

Place least likely to go back for some time: Positano, because its mainly centered around the beach and we have that at home.

Most unbelievable sight: the winding Amalfi coast rd to Positano.

Best new friend: Miguel the spanish guy we shared with in Rome

Most annoying person: Its a tie -Dave, the scottish person we shared with in rome

- American 'I just learned it, I speak with a Roman accent' Girl in Positano

-Canadian 'I work for a winery' guy in Positano

-Group of Aussie bogan girls on St Tropez cruise

Favourite souvineer again, its a tie - My nautical themed pashmina afgan from Capri

- My salt and salt shakers from the leaning tower of Pisa, its a good thing Cam and I dont like pepper!

Item most handy: Earplugs /towel

Thing I wish I had brought with me: Tweezers

Thing I should had left behind: my 'going out' jeans, it's always too hot!

Time when I most wished I spoke another language: In Verona when an

old lady got up with the statue of Juliet and instead of rubbing her boob like everyone else she touched her face, her neck when everyone else was just getting up there for a photo but she wasn't. When she got back down she said something to us, I sooooooo wished I spoke Italian at that moment! So cute!

Most alcholic drink: The vodka, gin, rum, tequila coke mix that they had on the menu in Rome.

Most convenient occurance: when Dayna was like, I wish i had some cold water outside the lourve and a guy popped up with water.

Most random occurance: when we saw a man walking his dog and his duck in Naples

Worst line up: Versallies.

Worst injury: The massive bruise on my leg which is still healing and i got it on the

first day in Nice from the broken suitcase.

Fave moments: - London - Voyeurism exhibition at the Tate modern

- Victoria and Albert museum (V&A)

- Paris - Walking off the subway on the first day we were there to see the Effiel tower in the distance, Arch di triumph and obilisk

- Chilling near the fountains at the Effiel tower and seeing why the call it the city of love..

- Nice - As we were arriving a guy playing amazing violin on the street

- St Tropez cruise

- Rome - Trevili Fountain

- Lunch near the colusseum

- Positano - Driving in on the coast road

- Boat tour to Capri

- Venice - first night watching the gondolas go under a bridge and hearing the music

- Day trip to verona

- Burano island, a really colourful place with lace making old ladies, mask making men and dogs sitting in shops.

So yeah I had a great time and I'm so glad I was able to do it all at the pace that we did with the person that I did. If anyone is ever going to any of these places and wants any advice please let me know and i'll try and help as much as possible.


  1. Made me smile a lot, so many fantastic memories! Love the photos with the blog!