Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 From the 10th

Heres the follow-up to my last blog with the 10 photos I took at 10pm. Similar to the 365 project but in a much shorter time span. All taken on the boy's Canon T2i.
A professor of mine once said that if the colour isn't important in the photo then why have it.. I mainly do colour photography but I think this series worked as black and whites as the colours weren't important, it was the subject matter and concept.
Self Portrait: Remembering John, The day after his 70th.

And heres an added extra, People wacking rings on fingers in Gibbons Park on 10/10/10, or just some friends out for a photography stroll.. You decide..

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  1. b&w has always been my favourite! love these shots, erin :)