Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unsigned top 10

My Lovely friend Leanne had a link on facebook to her friends Jewellery that needs votes, or facebook 'likes' to be a designer on 'Ec one', a store in london with a beautiful website with Designer and fine jewellery for sale, or in my case to need to wipe the drool off of my keyboard in awe of some of the jewellery on there.
Laura Gravestock
Lilly Gibbs
I did a fine art Jewellery course at NSCAD when I was there on exchange and after terrible burns, 8 hour sanding sessions, blowtorch meltings and design failures I have incredible respect for people who can excel in that field.
My attempt at Jewellery making, my 'Hot and Cold' Ring.
So, check it out, Vintage inspired diamond ring ladies? Check it out and vote for some new designers to be discovered.

Do you have a favorite jewellery store or website?

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