Thursday, October 7, 2010

Or, how about, "Cheesed off with cheesy photo session spice?"

Ok, I'm the first to admit it, I like cheesy things. Many of you who know me would know this. Give me a top 100 hits from the 90's mix cd and a pair of platforms and i'll be entertained for weeks. But how cheesy is too cheesy?
For over a year while saving up to come overseas I worked in a family photography studio. A lot of people would come in and ask for nothing posed, nothing cheesy, nothing stiff. Great, these people want something different so lets break out the hula hoops, have a pillow fight, made Dad be a choo choo train and laugh with the kids acting naturally rather than, Ok ready 1.2.3.. SMILE! but you know what, I found even those families who came in wanting the natural photos, would buy the posed, 'lil jonny has the best smile' photos and sometimes like them more than the pillow fights.
Why did I start thinking about this? I've been going through my hard drive and found some photos that I took for a friend last Christmas that we had a lot of fun taking, oozing the cheese and mucking about.. enjoy..
Introducing.. The North boys..
Do you like posed photos or prefer natural ones?


  1. I like these ones, because the boys look like they are having fun! Even though the photos are posed, the boys look "natural", oh , except for the last one! I dont know why, but it reminds me of monkeys!

  2. hehe.. all sitting on a tree branch..