Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's only 12 years days in every hundred that we get to have fun like this. For all of those who love making car number plates into words or special numbers, ppl wo shrtn wat dey rite and those who just like the 12 years that we get where there is repetition once a year in the date, after today there are only 2 more days like it in what might be your lifetime. So make the most of it!
-Go down to your local stereotypical place to take wedding photos and I'm sure you'll see some 'Perfect 10' couples wacking some rings on some fingers.
- head over to my favorite t-shirt website, Threadless for their $10 tee sale. Heres a couple of the prints that I like that are only $10 today!
I'm going to challenge myself to take 10 photos at 10pm, stay tuned for those, happy sunday!


  1. I will put $20 into your account on Thursday, (does that phrase "on Thursday" ring any bells?
    But you HAVE to buy the one with the butterfly on the camera, it is beautiful, for a very beautiful girl, inside and out!
    It reminds me of your tatoos.
    Actually, i wouldn't mind one myself, do they have size xxxxxxxxxlarge?
    I will put $30 in your account, just incase they DO have very large sizes, but I'm not holding my breath! LOVE Beautiful Bubby Butterfly Blossom.

  2. Thanks anyway, but I already have nice Camera Tshirts. I'll have to post a blog showing off some of my own favorite tshirts I think.. and I'll have to do a tattoo one as well :)