Monday, August 26, 2013

Awesome Mondays Part 17

Things have been crazy busy in my camp these last few weeks (I appreciate every part of it) and I love having something to keep me on routine so here are some lovely ladies for Awesome Mondays!

Isabelle is orginally from Hamilton and I loved that she was happy to do a more prominent lip colour! She seemed to enjoy the pampering and had a lovely smile with those sparkling blue eyes! 

I had a lovely chat to Isabel (Yes two this blog post!) and we talked about wherever you come from or whatever you do in life one of the best qualities to have in life is to be adaptable. She grew up on a chicken farm which sounds like she has fond memories of and told me another bit of wisdom, doing the best you can do is all anyone can ever ask of you.

Kathleen has a lovely smile and seemed to enjoy the pampering, she is originally from 'Big' London. Loved the pink on her!

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