Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awesome Mondays part 15

Yesterday I dropped off the portraits from the 4 days we did last month to the Chelsey which is where these portraits were taken and also the McCormick Alzheimer Outreach Centre. It's always a good feeling to get the portraits back to them, so that they have the end product to remember the day of being pampered by. 

Hair by Mallory
Makeup by Shealee and Michelle

Audrey told us that she hadn't had any makeup on in a long time and enjoyed the pampering.

Doris was so relaxed while Mallory was doing her hair that she fell asleep, which I thought was really sweet. 

June loves all of her precious dogs and animal toys, so we thought i was fitting to have them in her portrait with her a little bit. Mallory did some curls in her lovely long hair and we chatted about how some people don't like their hair to be touched by anyone else. 

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