Monday, April 29, 2013

Awesome Mondays part 4

This time next week we will be shooting at the Chelsey retirement home which is very exciting! This week I'm going to be doing a presentation for Investing in Children After School so I'm sure by when I post the blog for next monday I will have lost of news!

Aileen's daughter happened to be visiting when we were at the Waverlly taking the portraits and I ended up talking more to her instead of Aileen herself as Aileen seemed to be getting on like a house on fire with Shealee, one of our lovely makeup artists. Aileen had been a nurse and the old 'once a nurse, always a nurse' was very visible and I loved capturing her hands for this reason also.


One of two gentlemen who came just to have their portrait taken, John is originally from england as you can see by his shirt and we had a bit of a joke a round about doing his hair and makeup for him. 


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  1. Hi Erin!

    My friend Vivette works for Investing in Children! They are such a great organization to work with! Will you be making healthy cupcakes with the afterschool program? Can't wait to read your updates!