Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Awesome Monday!

Here is the third installment sharing portraits I took at the Waverlly for the Awesome London project I am doing. This week I had two very humbling experiences around the project that I would like the share with you. A future wedding client was looking at my blog and sent me an email to express his feelings about the project-  'I have a huge respect and appreciation for the elderly community and you for bringing so much happiness into their lives. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful human being you are, and how much your thoughtfulness touched me.' I was humbled by his email and I'm just so happy I have been able to do this project! The second experience was that I was 'spotted' and the guy hadn't seen my pitch but had been applying since the second round of entries and I gave him some hopefully helpful tips about applying. It's pitch night tonight and Joe Kools from 7pm so come check it out and see what great ideas people in the community have and how you can apply!

So I've already spoken enough at the beginning of this blog so I thought I would let the photos speak for themselves today.



Dee Dee

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