Monday, May 6, 2013

Awesome Monday part 5

As I mentioned last week today I shot at the Chelsey Retirement home and it was an AMAZING day. But I will talk about that more later. 
This week I delivered the prints to the residents of the Waverlly, and after looking at their beautiful faces editing the images it was very nice to see them again in person. I got responses everything from that they didn't like it because of how old they are to that it was the best photo that they had ever seen of themselves. A very frequent question however was 'How much do I owe you' and time and time again I got surprised reactions to that I was able to do it for free for them. I got paid in lots of hugs and I even had one lady insist on doing something for me and after much persistence on her part we decided that she would do a small drawing of something that she wants to draw for me as she is a wonderful artist. 

Check out Anne's AMAZING eyes! She told me she's always been able to rely on them.

When we went to Ruth's room to deliver her photo she was busy fixing one of the ladies pant hems on her vintage singer, it was a lovely moment to think about this almost lost art on people my age (as I sit here with my jeans rolled up at the bottom as I've been putting off hemming them for, well, I'm not going to tell you how long.)

I love how Shirley's red top sets off her blue eyes!

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