Monday, November 15, 2010

Tis' the season to be online shopping..

Right about now is when the stores start to have that buzz about the air of people making their lists, but people who like to shop online have already done this and are in the final stages of checking it twice.
In previous years I haven't really done any Christmas shopping online, I've always turned to ebay for cheap scrapbooking supplies and random electronics and this year I've discovered Etsy at it's fullest so for as many gifts as possible this year i've decided to support people just like me on Etsy and i'm starting to get sorted now as i'll be going to England on the 17th of December to be with my family there for Christmas so need to be done that little bit early.
I opened a shop on Etsy around a week ago now and I know things take time so I'm not disappointed that I haven't sold any of my photography yet, and continue to get inspired by other artists on there and my brain is ticking over trying to come up with different ways to diversify my photographic products.
The thing I love most, and spend an absorbitant number of hours doing, is searching random tags and favoriting a huge array of gorgeous items, some that I have actually bought, including a Barbie camera ring and whenever I have been buying gifts i've usually bought more than one thing from the seller to save on postage.
Some of the items I have favorited though I know that i can either not afford, would like to attempt to make myself or change in some way or put into 'Treasury' lists. Check out the two I've made so far- Cameras and Cupcakes and Away for the Holidays.
A cupcake camera strap, could anything be more perfect?


  1. Selling stuff may not be the huge money bringer you may be hoping it to be. It wasn't for me. I've had stuff on RedBubble for a while and I've only sold a handful of things. Don't worry though, your photos are awesome so someone will buy them eventually.

  2. cute blog :) these things take time don't worry. once things start selling it'll take off really fast :)