Monday, November 22, 2010

I amour Paris (Part 1)

For years I had looked at Paris at the city with the amazing architecture, one of the worlds best collections of Art in the Lourve and as the city of Love. It didn't disappoint.
The afternoon we got to Paris on the high speed Train from London we got to our Hostel, which turned out to be half hostel, half hotel and because of a shortage of space in the hostel dorms Dayna and I were put into one of the Hotel rooms. When looking out of the window we could see straight into other rooms and vice versa. Paris really is the city of love.
The first day we got to explore Paris was jam packed with all the 'Must see' places, out of a subway and up and we had instant gratification that we really were in Paris, French flags, a far off view of the Effiel tower, the Tulleries and the Eqyptian obelisk.
Our first half of the day was spent walking through the Tulleries and down by the river to the Musee d'orsay which i thoroughly enjoyed, especially as for me, being a European (UK) citizen I got in for free. Saw a great amount of wonderful paintings which then on our walk further down the river we saw duplicated many times on Tshirts, coasters, prints, postcards etc.
Next it was to the Effiel Tower, a lot Browner than I had always imagined it, even though we've all seen endless photographs of it. We re-created some polaroids there from what my Dad had taken almost 30 years beforehand, the great thing about cities that never change. I can see why it is that there are so many photographs of it and that it is so well known, it has a certain presence that can only be described if you can feel it for yourself, which is what made visiting it one of the highlights of the trip.
Another subway exit with instant gratification is that which is near to the windmill representing the Moulin Rouge in the red light district. "it's a can can can" Instantly comes into my head whenever I look at these photos. Watching close to a hundred times my favorite moves by one of my favorite directors, Baz Lurman is what has done this to me.
Check back soon for Part 2!

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