Sunday, March 28, 2010

A really nice blog post..

While at work doing some social networking for the store.. I found this beautiful blog post about a street person and their dog. I know for a fact that if i had the choice between being completely alone or having to share what little I had with a dog for company I would definitely do it if i could.
I generally really like street photography but yeah its always a fine line when taking photographs of anyone in public, particularly 'street people'. When I was in my last year of uni I did a photography series taking portraits of these people, mainly just of their hands but yeah I had to be very careful with doing it because of all of the history of misuse of the photography form in these kinds of situations.
The following two photographs were from that series, taken here in Halifax for an algorithm project, the only limitations of the project were that you had to follow a set of rules (made up by you) and take a series, I interpreted this as like the ultimate algorithmic photographs, Passport photos, which always end up looking like mug shots, which got me thinking about other mug shots, there is of course, like any art alot more to be said about them but i'll let you find that for yourself. These were my favorites.

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