Sunday, March 14, 2010

A pleasant walk

I've had a great week as far as it goes with giving my camera a workout.. (which, if anyone knows how to get a shutter count on a Canon 30D please let me know coz I think that i might be coming up to it, but, touch wood, it hasn't showed any signs of aging right yet) and I'm really excited about some of the photos I've been taking.. But as the song goes, lets start at the very beginning.. a very good place to start..
Last sunday, walk through Point Pleasant Park with a new adventure buddy i've acquired, Cameron. These are pretty run of the mill photos but it was a lovely walk with great company, so here they are..
Shot with my wide angle 10-24mm Tamron lens
I loved this rusty tin can nailed to a board on the beach
Seagulls made to look old..
A random log and a window with a plant growing in it..
An inukshuk..
On the walk back, fun yellow house with a jet stream..

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