Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chicken Burger

I've been hearing about Chicken Burger, a REAL cute little Diner in Bedford which has been there since the 40's and has a 50's style with jukebox and 50's size meals from my friend Krista and have been wanting to go for some time now, Finally went on Monday, Check out the pics i took on the new Nikon S8000..
Krista Putting money in the Jukebox
Plaid Couple (we thought this would be an awesome place for a first date)
Plaid single guy (we thought that this would be an awesome spot to chill any ol' time)
The Chicken Burger (and Fries) that i had.


  1. Looks like a groovy place, man!

  2. tis.. tis :) would be awesome to have a massive party there :)