Friday, March 26, 2010

Chin up m'girl, dont be looking down there..

I find myself looking to the ground alot when I'm walking.. I think this is due to a few reasons:-

1. I'm just coming out of a Canadian winter, looking to the ground is essential to make sure you're not about to slip on ice.

2. Alot of my artworks (and one I'm doing currently) involve finding random objects people have discarded, which are usually on the ground..

3. The wind tunnels in this city would make any person tuck their chin inside their coat..

4. To make sure i don't step in poo

Barrington st is THE downtown of Halifax, but the thing is that all of the shops along it have been closing, and it has a knock on effect, it had started when i was here last time and I don't really see and end to it as yet, I just really hope that freaks lunchbox and that awesome book store that has shelves made out of books don't succumb to what's happening around them.

So in these kinds of times i can definitely see why it could cause some to have thier chin down, but when i went for a walk recently along Barrington on a lovely day, I realized looking up, seeing all the beautiful architecture is one thing that Barrington st will never loose..

This is the wonderful bookshop

so sad to see this place close down

Looking up towards the citadel

The quote which is the title of this blog was said to me one day by a pan-handler..


  1. The tree with the jet stream? I really like the one of the bookshop..