Monday, July 22, 2013

Awesome Mondays Part 12

Tonight I'll be heading to the Awesome London pitch night as they are having a 6 month wrap up and I'm excited to share how the project has been going. I've now photographed 114 lovely people and have had the pleasure to get to chat to most of them. Numerous moments and sparks of wisdom which are shared here (almost) every monday along with the portraits and I'm looking forward to doing more dates at the homes later in the year.

These shots are still from our first time at the Chelsey and I was told when we returned that one of the lovely ladies in this post has passed, I won't say which one for privacy but when I was told that they used the photo I had taken of her for her memorial it gave me a strange mix of sadness but also glad that I was able to meet her and take her portrait for the family to use.

Monica has SO MUCH personality its hard to describe, the lovely ladies helping us from the home got her to bring some accessories like this lovely necklace she's wearing in the shot below and also a 'Diva' rhinestone cap that suited her personality to a T.

Vel has amazing eyes that I was really happy to make sparkle in her portrait, she said that she enjoys getting her makeup done and had it done before by a friend of a friend but not a professional. She enjoys living in London and has done so most of her life. 

Catherina is a real sweetheart, and chatted to me about visiting her daughters (and the warmer weather) in California most years up until recently. She told us after having her hair and makeup done that she felt like a movie star and she has such a kind smile!

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