Monday, July 8, 2013

Awesome Mondays part 11

Today is another awesome monday, were off back to the Chelsey Park Retirement home today, which is the same place these shots were taken awhile back. On thursday we'll be returning to the McCormick Alzheimer Outreach Centre for another day with them. Bring on the smiles!

Connie was very nice to speak to and told us how she had never had her makeup done by anyone else before and only uses moisturiser herself, which you can tell by how lovely her skin is! She told me that she's always lived in London and didn't have a photographer at her wedding.

This is Dennis, I didn't really get to chat to him very much but he was very interested in having his photo taken and loved trying on the different props, he's obviously a very happy go lucky guy!

Marylin is a dog lover and told me all about her daughters dog, who she called her grandbaby and told me that she has always lived in the London/Sarnia area. 

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