Monday, April 25, 2011

Precious things..

Back in January, I started doing the 52 project and really, unfortunately, January was where it ended also. I would really like to some how catch up but we'll see how I go. These photos are the results of one of the first 'challenges' to shoot a simple still life- That originated with my 'Hanson' sunglasses and it spiraled to documenting all of the jewellery that I'd got for christmas. I'm glad I did now because, like with all photographs it documents a time that has past, the paint on the sunglasses is peeling off, the headband broken, watch all scratched up so it's nice to have photos of these things from when they were all new.
Check out Hanson's Give a little video
There's no place like home.. A nice reminder from Danii..
Gram Fenton, Probably the handiest present I've been given in awhile.
Tea bag and cup earrings from Mum via Etsy
Barbie heels and cupcakes, can't get much girly-er than that! From the best seller on Etsy- Rocknrollbaby
1 pound Primark baby!
Possibly the cutest best friend bracelet around

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